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>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh to travel around the world... now wouldn't that be a treat?

Move from inspiration to reality with the 2010 L'oreal Professionnel Spring Summer Collection...

Travel Journal mixes subtle colors with comfortable, wearable yet sophisticated hairstyles. Blondes, browns and soft reds make for relaxed, yet stunning shades for the season, while gentle curls add refinement to ladies who wish to explore the world.

Here are six looks from the Travel Journal that surely Filipinas will love:

Inspired by the rose-colored walls of the place popularly known as the Red City, the Asian Collection uses the shade Light Golden Blonde (Majirel 8.3) to complement the personality of the stunning trailblazer.

Inspired by the rich culture of Thailand , this Asian Collection look emphasizes that sophistication entails absolute color and absolute care. This is achieved with Golden Blonde (Majirel 7.3), a shade that complements the Asian skin.

Inspired by the many islands of one of the first great civilizations, the Asian Collection look adds volume at the top for a longer facial shape, and uses on eof the best-selling shades for Asia:
Light Glden Mahogany Brown (Majirel 5.35). With a low-lighting techniqe (the opposite of high-lights), dimension is created for more sophistication and personality.

Inspired by the rustic ilderness of Madgascar, this Asian Collection look uses a permanent color treatment for vibrant reflects. The sade Ash Blonde (Majirel 7.1), combined with high-light Blonde (Majiblond 900S), gives the hair dimension that is fitting to the adventurous traveller.

Inspired by the beaches of Bali, the relazed Asian Collection look uses Soft Colour Gloss Treatment for great shine, and subtle color. Its shade, Soft Amber Blonde (Hi.Richesse 8.31), is perfect for adding hints of color, without being too loud.

Inspired by modern China, the Asian Colelction look has very subtle color thanks to Gloss Treatment for brilliant shine, and delicate color without the use ammonia. The shade used, Burgunday Red (Richesse 4.26, is reflective of the strength and power of China, while its refinement hints at the country's urbane lifestyle.

To achieve any of these looks, ask your salon for these products:

Absolute Color.
Majirel is a superior type of oxidation color cream which offers a double recharge system through Ionene G. The first of its kind to incorpoorate the Incell Technology, Majirel offers more than just color change. With Majirel, hair receives absolute care and absolute color.

Gloss treatment. Glistening Shine. Rich Reflects.
Through its unique Lumi-rich and Color-rich System paired with the Ionene G technology, Diacolor Richesse gently enhances your natural hair color giving it a brilliant long-lasting shine with ammonia-free reflects. This gloss treatment leaves even the most sensitized hair in superb condition.

Soft Colors. Gloss treatment. Visible Reflects.
Hi.Richesse offers soft color gloss treatment through its Ammmonia-free Color0rich System combined with the advanced Ionene G Lightening Booster Technology. Hi.Richesse gives your hair express color and shine.

Air Fix
Definition sprays and gels for high-powered hold, extra body and luscious volume! Extra strong fixing spray with long-lasting hold and quick-dry finish.

Techni.art Crystal Gloss
For instant shine everyday! Techni.art Crystal Gloss is a greaseless, hassle-free way of finishing your hairstyle in brilliant shine. With this easy-to-carry product, your hair is enveloped with an ultra-fine mist for a high resolution shine in just 5 seconds.

Full Volume
Definition sprays and gels for high-powered hold, extra body and luscious volume! Blow-dry mousse with the extra0strong hold for big , voluminious styling.

Play Ball Texture Tonic
Seriously Fun Styling! Spray on to towel-dry hair before blow-drying to enhance volume or to shoe off your curls. It has a flecible hold and won't make your hair feel stiff.

When I'm out vacationing with my friends, I see to it that I leave the person in me that I know can hinder me from enjoying the new sights. I let the character that yearns to explore wonderful sights run free. I feel the same way when I color my hair... the more adventurous, the better. See for yourself here.

But I know many of you are still quite unsure whether to color your hair too brown, too blond or too red... Thankfully though, the S/S Collection of L'oreal Professionnel Hair Color knows what Filipinas prefer. The said collection boasts a change that are very welcome to us. Curls and subtle waves are in for the season and who wouldn't want that in their locks. The colors are soft and caring to the hair... that really makes me want to color my hair again. :)

Contact your favorite salon and inquire about L'oreal Professionnel's Summer Spring Collection.


kuan March 16, 2011 at 7:23 AM  

One of the things I excitedly did for myself 3 months after giving birth is to have a hair cellophane treatment. And to be honest, I just so love the result.L'oreal Majirel is the awesome...

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